DECC provides various types of services to fit to the diverse needs of domestic and international Development Agencies. The following are major services areas covered by this institution:

Project Cycle Management Services

DECC is well experienced in providing Management Services at all steps of Project Cycle such as:

  • Conducting Social Analysis and developing Baseline Information for projects.
  • Design and Development of Projects and Programs ranging from Community Based Development Projects to National level Sector Support Programs.
  • Undertake Project Formulation and Appraisal Missions.
  • Review, and conduct Monitoring and Evaluation of Projects

Capacity Building Services

DECC provides capacity building services to NGOs, INGOs, Development Agencies and Government Agencies in various disciplines of Development Management. Specific long-term and short-term training on Program/Project Management, are custom-designed, developed, and delivered as per the need of the cliental agencies.

Institutional Development and Organizational Strengthening Services

DECC provides Institutional Development and Organizational Strengthening (ID/OS) services to NGOs, Local Government Agencies and other Developmental Agencies. The range of services are:

  • Design and Development of Institutional Management Systems and Policies,
  • Conducting Organizational Assessment of NGOs and Local Government Agencies
  • Development of Periodic Plans and Strategic Plans of NGOs and Local Government Agencies
  • Development of Participatory Village Education Plan in the education sector
  • Development of various Legal and Management instruments for NGOs and Local Government Agencies,
  • Institutional capacity building on Coordination and Linkage development

Action Research

DECC also undertakes specific Participatory Action Research and Model Piloting of Community-Based Activities, particularly in the area of Capacity Building of Meso and Micro level organizations, Good Governance, Gender mainstreaming, Mainstreaming of Right -Based Approach and Participatory Social Mobilization.

Management Support Services

DECC provides various Management Support Services to its clients. The range of such services is:

  • Recruitment services and HR Management on behalf of clients,
  • Collection, Evaluation, and Selection of Small Grant Proposals,
  • Fund Management on behalf of clients,
  • Development of Project proposals
  • Project Monitoring and Reporting services for funding agencies that are not physically based in Nepal,
  • Management Support Agency (Implementing Agency) Services for Developmental Programs and Projects
  • Management of Small Grant Schemes,
  • Business representation on behalf of clients and partners