DECC has in-house pool of experts (women and men) in Gender, Health, Program Management, Project Review and Evaluations, Issue Based Research and Study, Capacity Building and Institutional Strengthening activities of NGO/CBOs and Local Government Agencies. It also uses part time experts from a company roaster as and when required.

Many of its team members also have International working experience as Consultants and Advisors. The core team of the organization is as follows:

Internal Human Resources

SN Name Academic Background Areas of core expertise Years of experience
1. Mr. Raghav Raj Regmi Masters in Development Management, AIM Philippines NGO management, Project design, appraisal, review and evaluation with a focus on Health, Gender, Development partnerships and Governance. Trainer on Participatory Project Management, Knowledge Management and Right Based Approach. 25
2. Mr. Hari Prasad Regmi Master of Public Financial Management, American University, Washington, D.C. USA, Master of Arts (Economics), TU, Nepal Aid Coordination on Infrastructure, Decentralization, Governance Reform, Natural Resource Management, Poverty Alleviation Projects /Programs, and Gender and Development;  Project Appraisal and Review; institutional capacity building of Local Government, CBOs, and I/NGOs; and Monitoring and Evaluation of Development Programmes/Projects. 30
3. Mr. Tej Raj Dahal MA (Anthropology), TU Nepal Project Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation; Project Cycle Management, Organisational Strengthening and Institutional Development , Gender Audit and Budgeting 20
4. Prof. Dr. Indu Acharya PhD. Political Science (Tu) Research, Women Empowerment, Women in Politics 15
5. Mr. Rabindra Nath Bhattarai M.A. in Population Studies, T.U, 1991

B.Sc., T.U. 1985


Development of plans for data collection and analysis, Statistical study, Management of very large datasets, Modeling of data, Interpretation and presentation of statistical findings, Analytic methods for very large and high dimensional data sets 15
6. Mr. Noor Jung Thapa Masters in Agriculture Sciences (MSc Agriculture in Agronomy) in 1981


Participatory Planning, Program Management, Monitoring and Evaluation, Local Governance, Social Mobilization, Rural Development, Gender mainstreaming, Livelihood, Small Business Development and Micro-Finance 35
7. Ms. Sumedha Gautam Master’s in Business Administration (MBA) International Programme (IP), 2008, Bangkok University, Bangkok, Thailand, Postgraduate Diploma in Small Entrepreneurship Promotion and Industrial Assistance (SEPIA), 1993, The Netherlands International Institute of Management (RVB), Maastricht, Netherlands NGO capacity building, Market research, Eco-tourism, NTFP, Gender and Small Business Promotion. 13
8. Mr. Madan Jnavaly Master in Business Administration (1994-1998) from Nepal Commerce Campus, Kathmandu, Nepal Financial management, procurement and contract management. Budgeting and planning, 15
9. Ms. Sheela Shrestha Master in Education from Dr. Ram Manohar Lohiya Avadh University U.P., India in 1997. Conducting HH surveys, FGD, In-depth Interviews Supervise and manage hh Survey teams, quality control and backstopping survey teams. 15
10. Mr. Buddhi Shrestha Bachelor’s Degree in Business Studies (BBS)from Shankar Dev Campus Conducting HH surveys, FGD, In-depth Interviews Supervise and manage hh Survey teams, quality control and backstopping survey teams. 6

External Human Resources

SN Name Academic Background Areas of core expertise Years of experience
1. Dr. Sangram S Lama PhD in Decentralization and Local Governance in Nepal Tribhuvan University, Kathmandu, Nepal (2009)
Masters Degree in Development Sociology, Tri-Chandra Multiple College, Kathmandu, Nepal (2001)
Good Governance, Gender and Development, Human Rights, Social Mobilization, Community Development and Social Inclusion

Program/Project Cycle Management
Institutional Strengthening, Networking and Capacity Development

2. Ms. Jaya Sharma Master of Arts in Gender and Development
The University of Melbourne, Australia
Graduate Certificate in Arts in Gender Studies The University of Melbourne, Australia
Master of Science in Statistics, Tribhuvan University, Kathmandu
Bachelor of Science, Tri-Chandra Multiple Campus, Kathmandu
Gender and development
Gender equality and social inclusion (GESI),
Social development in local, bilateral and multilateral programs / projects.
Peace building, Infrastructure development,
Livelihood enhancement, Capacity building,
3. Mr. Indu Dhakal M.Sc. in Geotechnical Engineering, 1998
Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh, United Kingdom.
B.Sc. Civil Engineering (Hons), 1979
Kurukshetra University, Haryana, India.
Construction and Contract Management,
Civil and Highways Engineer,
Environmental and social safeguard management,
Business Plan development of Strategic Road Networks,
Institutional developments and staff trainings
4. Mr. Sunil Sun Shakya Master Degree in Sociology, T.U 1999 Disaster Risk Reduction/ Disaster Management (DRR/DM)
Institutional capacity building
Organizational Development (OD)
Strategic Planning workshop, Log-frame/Result Based Management
Monitoring and Evaluation
Leadership Development
5. Mr. Keshav Bhattarai Masters of Science in Civil Engineering,
Baguio Colleges Foundation, Baguio City, The Philippines
Professional experience on Bridge and trail bridge, building, Irrigation and other civil engineering works; Rural Drinking Water Supply and Sanitation. 20
6. Mr. Harihar Nath Regmi Courses of instruction in application of computer science, system analysis and design at London. 1985- 87
Post graduate diploma  business system analysis &  design   at city university, London 1986 – 88 Statistics at TU,1975
Data manager: Design of tools, training, data processing and statistical analysis.
Senior MIS specialist: Design and implement MIS for various databases.
Data Processing Expert: Develop Data processing System for Population census 2001.
7. Ms. Indu Tuladhar MA in International Conflict Analysis, Department of Politics and International Relations University of Kent at Canterbury, England, UK, (2005)
Bachelor’s in Law (B. L), TU, Nepal, (1995)
Policy Analysis
Peace Building and Conflict Transformation
Monitoring and evaluation
Gender and Social Inclusion
Program and Project Management
8. Mr. Sugam Bajracharya Master Degree in Statistics from Tribhuvan University, Nepal, 1996
Bachelor of Science (B.Sc) from Trichandra Multiple Campus, T.U, Kathmandu, 1991
Data management and data analysis, GIS mapping,
Preparation of Survey Tools, Techniques and framework
Overall Data Management of the surveys, Policy and Report preparation, Database Software Design and Development
9. Mr. Shree Hari Dhungana MA in Economics (TU, 2000) with Econometrics.
Bachelor Degree (TU,1996) with  Economics and Mathematics
High level of expertise in Socio-economic Data Analysis.
Expertise in foreign grants and loan, Fiscal Policy, Monitory Policy
10. Ms. Bina Kumari Pant M.A.    Sociology (Gender studies),T .U Nepal 2013
B.ED   Population Education, Population dynamic & Health T.U. Nepal   2005-2007
Gender and Social Inclusion Budgeting (GRB), women rights, Children rights, reproductive health for adolescent and others.
Local governance and community development
Result Based Monitoring (RBM), Evaluation,