Some recent works completed by Development consultancy Center (DECC).

  1. Project Implementation Partner for Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning (MEL) Component Project (2013 Oct-Aug 2016) of RAP-3/DFID; Jointly implemented by ITAD UK and DECC.
  2. Mid Term Evaluation of MEDEP-IV Phase, UNDP Nepal, Jan to June 2016.
  3. Local Road Network Review of RAP3, DFID, ITAD, UK, July to Oct 2015.
  4. Evaluation of Child Friendly Local Governance (CFLG) for Unicef, NIBIR Norway, June to August 2015.
  5. Road maintenance Group Survey of RAP3, DFID, ITAD, UK, March to May 2015.
  6. Evaluation of Non-government Actors program, Nepal Peace Trust Fund/GoN, for GIZ Nepal July-Sept 2014.
  7. Organizational Review of Nepal Peace Trust Fund Secretariat, GoN: For GFA Consulting funded by EU, June-July 2014.
  8. Upstream Budgeting and Panning Reform as part of broader Public Financial Management Reform: for World Bank Nepal/Ministry of Finance, GoN, Feb 2014 – ongoing
  9. Support the Project Preparation Activities of RWSSIP, a 82 M project of WB and GON.
  10. Status Review and Strategy Development for PFM reform in Ministry of Education. June 2013. Ministry of Education GoN,
  11. Technical Advisor (short term), Rural Water Supply and Sanitation Fund Development Board, GON. For preparation of RWSSP-III
  12. Advisory Support to prepare the project closing reports of Rural Water and Sanitation Services Fund Development Board (A World Bank Project), May-August 2012.
  13. Evaluation of Community Based Health Care Services of Child Welfare Society, UK implemented in Kaski, Rupandehi and Lamjung, May 2012
  14. Assessment of alignment situation of DACAW/UNICEF program with LGCPD: A study commissioned by NORAD, conducted in association with NIBR, Norway, 2011 Dec-Jan 2012
  15. Public Expenditure Review of Local Roads Sub Sector in Nepal, World Bank May-Sept 2011, Nepal
  16. Donor Mapping Study (on government accountability, Social and economic rights, and Public Service Media), Ford Foundation, Regional office Delhi, Sept 2010-March 2011, Nepal
  17. Co-facilitator, Capacity building of MOF (DRI, IRD) on Anti Money Loundering investigation, Supported by AUS AID, for Queensland University of Technology, Austrailia. August-Dec 2010, Nepal
  18. End of project evaluation of Translating Human Rights into Health Realities in Nepal, Britain Nepal Medical Trust (BNMT), April-May 2010 Nepal
  19. Review of the ‘Employment Fund’ for technical and vocational training, a SDC, DFID funded initiative. Commissioned by helvetas Nepal, Nov 09- Jan 2010 Nepal
  20. Consultancy Support to the Evaluation of the Payment Process of Compensation to the family members of the deceased persons in the Conflict, Emergency Peace Support Project, World Bank Nepal, Sept-Nov 2009 Nepal
  21. Consultancy Support to the Evaluation of the Norwegian Democracy Support Fund (A case study of collaboration between Socialist Left (SV) Party of Norway and CPN UML of Nepal), Norwegian Institute for Urban Research (NIBR). August 2009, Nepal
  22. Needs Assessment of enforcement of Right To Information Act in Nepal, WB Nepal 2009 August.
  23. Conducted two studies of ‘Women and Youths as Pillars of Sustainable Peace, WYPSP’ (Base line study, and Inception Review) 2009 for CARE Nepal.
  24. Design and Moderation of three workshops on ‘Joint Annual Review Process for 9th JAR’ of NHSP I, GTZ/HSSP and MoHP/GoN 2009
  25. Design and Moderation of several workshops and technical forums on “Federalism and Health Sector in Nepal” for GTZ / HSSP 2009
  26. Design and Moderation of several workshops and technical forums on “Social Health Protection in Nepal” for GTZ / HSSP 2009
  27. TA support to RWSSFDB for the evaluation ICB on Sector Monitoring and Evaluation System and DSS Development for MPPW,
  28. Development of Social Mobilization Guidelines for Micro-hydro schemes, and conducting ToT for AEPC/ESAP, February-July 2008
  29. SA evaluation process for consulting services for designing M &E/MIS system for RWSS sector in MPBW/GON, March 2008
  30. Study on Potential Local Capacity Builders in Nepal, December 2007-March 2008, SNV Nepal
  31. Coordinator of the Evaluation Panel for Technical Advisor, FUND BOARD, Dec 2007
  32. Develop country mission level monitoring and evaluation plan of CARE Nepal (Sept 2007)
  33. Advocacy Training. SC US, March 2007
  34. Support Finalization of work plan, RTI International, March 2007
  35. Evaluation of Support to Justice Initiatives Program, (CeLRRd), January 2007
  36. Staff orientation for UNFPA on SWAp in Health, November 2006
  37. Vertical Functional Analysis of the Health Service System in Nepal, A study of the Ministry of Health and Population (MOHP), Nepal Government, March-August 2006
  38. Proposal Development on Gender and Peace Building, CARE Nepal, July 2006
  39. Mid-term Evaluation of BLF support in HIP of BNMT, March-May 2006
  40. Study on Advancing Decentralized Governance in The Himalayas for ICIMOD, May- June 2005.
  41. Institutional Baseline Study of GPAR Xieng Khouang Province, Lao PDR for UNDP, May-June 2005.
  42. Developing the Local Development Facility Baseline and Monitoring Framework for CCO, June 2005 (Looking the project implementation status and potential of about 80 Nepali NGOs)
  43. Developing Right Based Activities Implementation Guidelines for Health Improvement Programme HIP/RBA for BNMT, May 2005.
  44. Sensitization workshop on Right Based Approach to Development for BNMT’s staff, April 2005.
  45. Research on Plan Nepal’s Experiences and Best Practices on Livelihood Interventions, May-June 2005.
  46. Evaluation of Co-Financing Agencies Evaluation of Health Theme in Nepal, Congo and Zambia for IHSD), UK, Nov-Dec, 2004. (Looked into the programs of 11 Nepali NGOs in Nepal)
  47. The Independent Evaluation of SDC Country Programme in Nepal, for (PARC), UK, Nov –Dec 2004.
  48. Developing a Manual of Phase-in and Phase-over Indicators Guidelines of Social Mobilization Program for SNV, Aug 2004- Feb 2005.
  49. Study on Capacity Building Needs of NGO/CBO in Nepal, NPLAP, August 2004.
  50. Development of NGO/CBO database for the Drinking Water and Sanitation Department, HMG/N July 2004.
  51. Development of Manual on Village Education Plan for Non Formal Education, Ministry of Education, HMG/N with support of DANIDA/ESAT, July 2004.
  52. Organizational Assessment of Partner NGOs, Handicap International (HI) Nepal, Kathmandu, July 2004
  53. Review of Penal Reform International South Asia Regional Office: A DFID Funded Project, July 2004
  54. Evaluation of Pilot Action Research of Community Enabling Centers, ESP/DFID, May 2004. ( A program implemented by eight Nepali NGOs)